Friday, 14 September 2012

confusing thinking

assalamualaikum readers .
as u know , i am lower six former and study economy
after studying for about 4 months , i heard some problems storied by my buddies
most of them said that the new system of lower 6 education had troubled them
where we have 3 semesters
actually the problems came by yourself
you didn't make preparation for the new education system
so without thinking twice
you make a fool decision
you want to stop studying
and wants to find a job
for your information
study can change you fate in the future
let you are hard and poor now
but one day
you are independent
of thinking how to get much money
one more thing
you must know
wherever you go
problems still around you
education is very important
thank you

#i am sorry if there are wrong grammars#
#i'm using a simple sentence#
#i'm not TESLian#

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